General Dentistry

General dentistry includes a wide array of routine and preventive dental services, diagnostics, and treatments with a goal of maintaining oral health. Treatment is similar to what you’d receive from your primary care physician. But, instead of blood pressure and temperature readings, we conduct routine cleanings and examinations.
Beautiful woman getting teeth cleaned.
Common general dentistry services include:

The general dentistry services at Brannon Smiles are intended to help promote and support overall oral health. We also want to maintain your teeth’s appearance and function. To that end, an import part of general dentistry is educating the patient on preventive measures they can take to protect their oral health. This includes best practices for brushing and flossing, but also explaining the early signs of common dental issues.

Regular dental exams are also how we diagnose issues early. And when it comes to dental health, early diagnosis is a key component of successful treatment that’s both easier and less expensive. For example, detecting tooth decay early allows us to perform a simple filling. Ignoring that aching tooth, though, eventually leads to root canals, crowns, and even an extraction.

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